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America Natural Products Company

Nemastop™ Natural Nematode Suppressant

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Nemastop is a new way to control nematodes that attack fruits, ornamentals, and vegetables. Nemastop is a liquid biochemical that has been shown to disrupt the root location mechanism of plant parasitic nematodes. By reducing the rate of infection by nematodes and secondary infections by plant parasitic fungi, damage to plants is reduced significantly.

Get rid of these tiny "eel-worms" that live on plant roots. Soak Nemastop into the soil and nematodes will stop feeding on your garden plants. The active ingredients are plant extracts, so you can be sure they're safe. Nemastop won't harm beneficial nematodes. One pint treats over 1/2 acre (25,000 sq. ft.) Nemastop will not burn plants and pathogenic nematodes won't develop resistance to Nemastop.

Make regular application at 45-60 day intervals. Nemastop is effective on root-knot, lance, lesion, and spiral nematodes.