About Us

Since 1983 American Natural Products has been a pioneer in the development, manufacture and marketing of biorational pest management and plant growth promoting products used in agricultural and horticultural crop production. Our product line has been proven effective through many years of University trials and customer experiences. These products have been used across the United States and in many countries, by homeowners, lawn-care companies, turfgrass managers, landscapers, greenhouses and nurseries, vegetable growers and grain farmers. Our continuing commitment to produce only ecologically safe and effective technologies makes American Natural Products an unparalleled resource in today's rapidly changing agronomic world.

Through the success of our products in extensive commerical applications, we have been inspired to continue expanding our offering of safe environmentally friendly solutions to the homeowner and small business owner.

Those interested in large commercial applications may wish to visit our other website: http://www.soiltechcorp.com.