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America Natural Products Company

Microp - Soil Builder & Nitrogen Supplying Microbes

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For over 30 years, Microp has been used by growers to amend problem soils and supply free nitrogen from the air. Because Microp is OMRI Listed for use in organic agriculture, you can be confident in its safety and purity. These tiny blue-green algae add organic matter and stimulate beneficials. There is nothing else like Microp! Mix this concentrated powder in your hose-end sprayer or watering can and use in all your lawn and garden areas. No more fading between fertilizer applications.

Microp Lawn & Garden (A Homeowners Blend of OMRI Listed Microp and Kaolin Clay)

Dosage: ½ lb. per 15,000 sq. ft. or one teaspoon per gallon of water.