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Green Clean

Green Clean

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Granular Organic Algaecide for Ponds and Fountains

Green Clean works by oxidation and provides immediate control of string algae in ponds, fountains, and other water features. You'll see visible results within minutes. Safe and effective Green Clean is non-toxic to fish and is biodegradable. One pound (2 cups) treats about 4000 gallons. OMRI listed.

Eliminate a broad spectrum of algae on contact with this non-copper-based algaecide. Provides excellent algae control for ponds , fountains, and waterfalls, as well as for unpainted surfaces such as birdbaths, statues, and walkways. Its active ingredient creates a powerful oxidation reaction that quickly destroys algal cell membranes and chlorophyll, providing immediate control of algae. Fast- acting, Green Clean granular algaecide biodegrades completely and adds bio-available oxygen to the water. Green Clean works fast and gets rid of persistent algae problems.


  • Safe to Apply to Water Containing Live Fish and Plants
  • Great for String Algae and Waterfalls
  • Perfect for Algae and Moss growing on Walkways and Patios
  • A Smart Alternative to Copper-Based Products
  • EPA Registered Formula
  • Works on Contact
  • Works on Surfaces and Walkways
  • Effective Over a Wide Range of PH Conditions
  • OMRI-Listed for Organic Production