Garlic Gard - Insect & Animal Repellent

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The juice of this pungent herb produces a powerful effect to repel insects and critters. Garlic Gard can be used to prevent invaders like aphids, thrips and flying pests (mosquitoes). Customers report that Garlic Gard also repels deer, squirrels, rabbits and iguanas! Garlic Gard is produced by a unique process that enhances the repelling properties of natural garlic juice. It becomes odorless to humans in a few minutes, but pests notice it for weeks and go elsewhere! When garlic is used for mosquitoes, spray it in the early part of the day on all the landscape plants and lawns.

Garlic Gard Lawn & Garden (L&G) dilutes 10 to 1 in water.

Garlic Gard 10X dilutes 100 to 1 in water.

Apply every 10-14 days during growing season.