DIY Newspaper Pots for Starting Seeds

DIY Newspaper Pots for Starting Seeds

Newspaper pots are easy to make and one of the least expensive containers you can use for starting seeds. Newspaper is a great pot making material because it is easy to find, the size is good, and when it is time to plant, the newspaper degrades readily. No need to disturb the roots–just plant the seedlings, pot and all.

By the way, if you’re worried about toxins in newspapers you should know that these days most inks are soy based and don’t use heavy metals in their pigments. You’re more likely to encounter petroleum and heavy metals in glossy colored magazines however, so it’s still best to avoid those. Also, the thicker coated papers don’t break down as easily, making them less suitable for making “plantable pots”.

Newspaper Pots: “How To” Videos

Here we’ve collected links to 3 videos showing how to make newspaper pots. Although it’s possible to buy cute little gadgets to help with making pots from newspaper, it’s not necessary and none of these videos require them.

> Dave shows how to make a cylindrical or round paper pot. He also explains the best way to water them. (Hint, it’s from the bottom up!) And at the very end he gives an important planting tip that might save your plants from drying out when you put them in the garden.

> If you prefer square pots, try this one.

> And this method of folding square pots gives you some little grab handles on two of the sides. 

So that’s it– newspaper pots –an easy solution for starting indoor seedlings. If you’ve found a video you think we should include in our list, please let us know in the comments section!

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