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Sustane All-Natural Compost Tea Bags

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4-6-4 Plant Food For Brewing Compost Tea

Its Time For Tea. Compost Tea!

For organic gardening, there is nothing better for your plants than compost tea. The only problem has been that making compost tea has been a messy proposition. Now we have removed the muss and fuss to supply this powerful brew in an easy-to-use tea bag. You can brew up gallons of compost tea overnight, no problem.

Sustane 4-6-4 Compost Tea Bags can be used two ways. The permeable fertilizer pak, or "tea bag," can be left to steep overnight in a watering can to make a Compost Tea "brew" for topical application; or installed directly in the soil or potting mix as a Root Zone Feeder Pak. One tea bag makes one gallon of compost tea.

Directions for Use:

Compost Tea: Place 1 or 2 Sustane compost tea bags into a watering can, let steep overnight, apply topically to leaves and soil the following day. Reapply fresh tea weekly.

Feeder Paks: Place into the root zone of potted or bed-grown plants at planting or re-potting time. Re-apply once every 3 to 4 months during routine fertilization maintenance after plant establishment.