PyGanic Liquid Pyrethrum Insect Control

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PyGanic liquid insecticide controls more than 100 insect pests and is OMRI-listed for use by organic growers. The PyGanic label lists over 200 vegetable and fruit crops where the product can be sprayed for insect control.

PyGanic is also approved for use in greenhouses and on landscape and ornamental plants, turf, herbs, trees and shrubs, and on livestock and poultry. Pyganic provides fast knockdown and kill of plant pests. Apply PyGanic anytime up until 12 hours before harvest. The product is non-persistent in the environment as it is contains natural pyrethrum derived from chrysanthemum flowers. The two formulas available are 1.4 EC (1.4% pyrethrum) and 5.0 EC (5.0% pyrethrum).

PyGanic is non-corrosive to spray equipment and may be tank-mixed with other insect controls to flush insects out from hiding.