Dynaweed - Corn Gluten - Non-GMO

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Corn Gluten Weed Control

This granular "weed and feed" product stops annoying weeds before they start. The corn gluten meal ingredients in Dynaweed are so safe that they are commonly used in pet foods! Apply spring and fall at 20 lbs./1000 sq. ft. for weed-free lawns that are healthy and green. Dynaweed corn gluten granules spreads easily with most fertilizer spreaders. Corn meal gluten controls many lawn weeds including crabgrass and dandelion.

Dynaweed is a pre-emergence corn gluten herbicide that kills the tiny roots of sprouting seeds but does not harm established plants or vegetable and flower sprouts that have true leaves. If you use Dynaweed to control sprouting weed seeds year after year, you can expect in time to see your lawn weed population diminish. Safe! The EPA found Dynaweed so friendly to the environment that it is exempted from EPA herbicide regulations. Used as directed, children or pets can play on treated areas immediately after application and Dynaweed will not harm beneficial insects, soil organisms or pond or stream life! https://www.thespruce.com/corn-gluten-herbicide-careful-timing-2152947