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Enhance Your Water’s Health, Quality, and Appearance

Green Clean tablets work on contact to control algae in water gardens, ornamental ponds, fountains and other water features.

Green Clean Tablets are the same formula as Green Clean Granular Algaecide but in the convenience of a slow-release tablet. Green Clean Tablets eliminate algae and keep water clean, making them an ideal part of your preventative program. The tabs work through a powerful oxidation reaction, breaking down organic debris. Green Clean Tablets are an alternative to algaecides that utilize either copper or quaternary chlorides. Start the season by applying tablets to your pond early in the spring and keep them on hand to reapply all season long. Green Clean is best for treating String Algae and for spot treatments on rocks and waterfalls. Use tablets on affected areas by adding as directed. When using more than one tablet, distribute the tablets evenly throughout the pond.

One ounce of the scoopable tablets (one scoop) treats about 250 gallons.


  • Alternative to Copper Chemicals
  • Adds Oxygen to the Water as it Works
  • No Measuring Required — Just Throw and Go
  • Can Be Applied in Water Containing Live Fish and Plants
  • Great for Waterfalls or Anywhere Debris Accumulates