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"This is a good product. It seemed to work on every plant where installed. We used the Plant Pro-Tec
units to stop whitetail deer from rubbing on new plant stock (1-3 year old trees)."
- Jerry Herbster, Park
Supt., Omaha, NE.

"Before using Plant Pro-Tec, even 'deer resistant ' plants were severely browsed. So far it seems a very
effective deterrent. We have four neighbors also using them, one on a rose garden (successfully)."
Michael Savage, Bodega Bay, CA.

QUESTION: Q. What could be eating my zebra plant? The leaves have big bite marks on them. I do not
see any insects on the plant. -- Mike Stolz, Pompano Beach

ANSWER: A. I suspect iguanas. Spray the plant with Garlic Gard or clip on Plant Protec, which will
repel iguanas and other chewing animals and insects.

QUESTION: Q. Squirrels seem to like my potted impatiens. What can I do to repel them from my
plants? -- Ruth Conrad, Fort Lauderdale
Q. We are suffering from an iguana invasion, and they have eaten
my potato vine. Now there is nothing left but the tree ferns. I do not want to replant again. What can we
use to repel the pesky iguanas? -- Mary Wills, Fort Lauderdale

ANSWER: A. Both squirrels and iguanas can be repelled with Garlic Gard. Spray over the plants and
the odor should repel them. It will last at least a month in the open where it receives rain. Also
, a garlic solution that comes in a vial and will protect plants for 6 to 8 months from various
pests. Space the vials on the plant about 3 feet apart.

- From Robert Haehle's gardening Q&A on the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel's website.
Plant Pro-Tec Deer & Rabbit Repellent Devices
Fend Off Deer Repellents
25 Unit Bag
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Fend Off Deer Repellents
50 Unit Bag
These clip-on devices are designed to attach to the stems of any plant in the garden, lawn or extracts from
garlic and chili pepper. The smell from these clips repels the invading deer and rabbits from the target
plant. The odor is not detectable by humans. Use 1-2 units per plant; more for bushes and trees.
Plant Pro-TecDeer & Rabbit Repellent Devices
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