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Phydura weed killer is an all natural, non-selective herbicide made from clove and soybean oils. When you spray
Phydura on weeds and grass, it works fast (within 24 hours) to destroy the foliage through a burn down process. Use
for weed control on driveways, patios, sidewalks and along fence rows.
Phydura is 100% biodegradable and safe for the
environment. Mix 3 parts water with one part  
Phydura (one qt. makes one gal. of spray.)
All Natural Weed & Grass Killer
Phydura Natural Weed & Grass Killer
2.5 Gal.
(Concentrate - Makes 10 Gal.)
One Gallon
(Concentrate - Makes 4 Gal.)
(Concentrate - Makes 1 Gal.)
Customer Letters
"Our person applying the Phydura herbicide reviewed with me that he sees these results from the product:
  • Satisfactory overall herbicidal effects with Phydura at labelled rates.
  • Differential speed of response on different types of weeds - killing effect is slower on some weeds
    than on others - this is more variable than with glyphosate.
  • Product odor is not offensive to the user, and it dissipates rapidly once it’s sprayed onto an area of
  • We see a fit for Phydura at sites that specify or are leaning toward use of organic products, and we’ll
    be ordering more this season.
Thanks for your interest and assistance to get Phydura into our inventory of control products."

Larry Ott, Mgr. Plant Health Care, Chapel Valley Landscape Company, Woodbine, MD

"This spring I heard about your Phydura Weed Killer and I liked the idea right away because I've never really liked
using chemicals in my plantings. We grow cut flowers and vegetables and also do some landscape work.

So far, I've used Phydura in my greenhouse and around borders of other plantings. It has worked real good, even killing
large areas of dandelions prior to our plantings in new landscapes.  One spray even knocked out a big bunch of
'creeping charley'. At another job site, one of our customers had some poison ivy growing in a rock wall and Phydura
got rid of that too.

Once I had tried Phydura, I decided to sell it in my shop. The people I have sold it to have really been happy with it
because Phydura gives them a choice that they feel good about, since it's safe for the environment and it really works

Sheila Merfeld
Dobie's Flowers
Durango, IA
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