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Customer Letter
Perma Guard Insect Dust
"The City of Port Aransas uses large quantities of Perma-Guard that your company supplies to us for
control of Fire Ants on various city properties.

The reason we chose your product is the fact that it is environmentally safe for use in the areas of the
park and other places where people are in abundance.

Perma-Guard works very well and is of great value to the City."

George Swank, Building Inspector

City of Port Aransas, Texas
to kill fire ants. These safe ingredients work by dehydration and will kill all ants that they contact within
10 minutes.
Perma-Guard can be applied as a dust or mixed with water and drenched on top of the
mound. Take your property back from the fire ants! Enjoy your yard again and make it safe for kids and
pets. One pound of powder treats 4-5 mounds
Perma-Guard Fire Ant Insecticide
2 lb. Bag
Perma-Guard Fire Ant Insecticide
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