"MICROP was used on some of the lawn surrounding FLOWER & GARDEN'S demonstration garden. One area was
very compacted and had a tendency to puddle after rain. After applying
MICROP a few times in the spring and early
summer, water was being quickly absorbed and no longer sat on the surface."

Dan McCorkindale, Horticulturist with FLOWER AND GARDEN Magazine

"Our mum borders have shown great improvement due most likely to the soil restructuring properties of the product.
This has allowed us to discontinue bi-monthly cultivation of these sensitive shallow rooted perennials."

Joann Narverud, Grounds Supervisor at Denver Botanical Gardens
Customer Letters
For over 25 years, Microp has been used by growers on their lawn, garden and flower beds to amend problem soils and
supply free nitrogen from the air. These tiny blue-green algae add organic matter and stimulate beneficials. There is
nothing else like
Microp! Mix this concentrated powder in your hose-end sprayer or watering can and use in all your
lawn and garden areas. No more fading between fertilizer applications.
Microp L & G: Dosage ½ lb. per 15,000 sq. ft. or one teaspoon per gallon of water.
Lawn & Garden
10 oz. Jar
(Concentrated OMRI Listed Microp
covers 10 acres)
Microp 4XL Soil Builder & Nitrogen Supplying Microbes - 10 oz. jar
Microp Lawn & Garden
5 lbs. Bucket
Microp Soil Builder & Nitrogen Supplying Microbes - Lawn & Garden - 5 lb. bucket
5 lb. bucket
(Concentrated OMRI Listed Microp
covers 80 acres)
Microp4XL Soil Builder & Nitrogen Supplying Microbes - 5 lbs. bucket
Microp Lawn & Garden
8 oz. Jar
Microp Soil Builder & Nitrogen Supplying Microbes - Lawn & Garden - 8 oz. jar
4XL Concentrate
For larger crop and turf applications use Microp 4XL Concentrate, the secret of thousands of growers manure,
allowing reduced use of synthetically derived nitrogen fertilizers. Soil structure is improved results in increased plant
Microp 4XL: Dosage 1 oz. per acre mixed with water and sprayed on the soil surface with spray equipment. Apply 1
to 4 times per year.
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