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Pond Kleen Lawn & Garden
(1lb. treats 10,000 gallons)
Pond Kleen Water Clarifier for Ponds & Fountains
Now there's a chemical free product to improve the water clarity in ponds and fountains. Natural enzymes and
beneficial bacteria clear up sludge, reduce odors and digest excess nutrients. Unlike algaecides, which only
temporarily reduce algae growth, Pond Kleen digests and liquefies the organic wastes that build up in a pond
improving overall water quality. Pond Kleen works quickly and is safe for fish and wildlife. Apply monthly.
  • Pond Kleen Lawn & Garden (L&G) treats 10,000 gallons per pound.  
  • Pond Kleen 10X Concentrate treats 100,000 gallons per pound, or about 3 pounds per acre foot.
Pond Kleen 10X Concentrate
25 lbs. bucket
(one lb. treats 100,000 gal)
Pond Kleen Water Clarifier for Ponds & Fountains
Pond Kleen Lawn & Garden
(1lb. treats 10,000 gallons)
Pond Kleen Water Clarifier for Ponds & Fountains - 2lbs.
"This year I also began using Pond Kleen, to improve one of my ponds. The product has significantly reduced
organic waste and odor in the pond and the recurrence of algae appears to be reduced as well."

Ken Seidel, Supt. - Battlement Mesa Golf Course- Battlement Mesa, CO.

"So far so good with the Pond Kleen. I haven't heard back from all of my pond test subjects but, thus far
everyone loves it. In the one pond where we applied
Pond Kleen (in 4 days) you could see all the way to the
bottom and the fountain was shooting clear water whereas the other one was still shooting up green water and
you couldn't see below the surface of the water. Needless to say she was very excited, not only about the water
but, about the tremendous cost savings with
Pond Kleen."

John Spithorst, Owner Landscape Supply Company Sacramento, CA
Pond Kleen
Water Clarifier for Ponds and Fountains
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