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Plant Success Granular
"In many man-made landscapes we have reduced or eliminated the beneficial soil organisms necessary for
plants to function without high levels of maintenance. Reintroducing mycorrhizal fungi in areas where they
have been depleted can dramatically improve plant establishment and growth. Utilizing this important
partnership on an operational basis can assist in getting high value plants established and maintaining
plant health over time."

Mike Amaranthus, Ph.D., Chief Scientist, Mycorrhizal Applications, Inc.

I am writing this letter to inform you of the excellent results we are having with the Plant Success
mycorrhizae/biostimulant products. The results, have been incredible! We have never experienced as much
strong root growth as we are now. In addition, we are noticing much better basal branching along with
thicker stems than we ever experienced at this stage of growth. The cost effectiveness of the mycorrhiza
product is very pleasing. We are only adding a few pennies to our production costs. I have talked to other
nurseries using the product on other plants who are having great results, similar to ours. We are thoroughly
sold on the results and will be using the product in all future production!

-Don Wagoner, D&B Fuchsia Nursery
Plant Success Granular Bio-Stimulant
Plant Success Granular
1 lb. Shaker
Plant Success Granular consists of 10
beneficial species mycorrhizae and
trichoderma. High quality biostimulants
(including kelp meal, humus, vitamins and
amino acids) are added to improve
effectiveness. Working together, beneficial
fungi expand into the soil and greatly increase
the root's ability to absorb water and nutrients
to increase flowering and fruiting. Use the
handy shaker to apply 1 tsp. per row foot in
furrow, 1/2 teaspoon per transplant, or 4
oz./cu.ft of potting soil. The fertilizer (3-1-2) in
Plant Success Granular helps give your new
plantings a head-start.
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Also see Plant Success Tabs. In tablet form, Plant Success offers quick measure and easy application to
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