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Organic Mechanics is the first and only O.M.R.I. listed all-purpose, organic, peat-free, potting soil.
Formulated with the perfect blend of composts, worm castings, coconut husk fiber, pine bark and
perlite, the soil offers gardeners a superior way to grow healthy, vigorous, more robust flower and
vegetable plants. Organic Mechanics Premium Blend Potting Soil is 100% peat-free. With a perfect
ratio of microscopic critters like fungi, ‘good’ bacteria and protozoa, this premium potting soil
provides the optimum ‘living’ environment for growing plants. The best potting soil on the planet!!

Learn more about Organic Mechanics Soil:
The ‘Nemesia’ on the left was
grown in Organic Mechanic
potting soil. The ‘Nemesia’ on
the right was grown in standard
potting soil.
Organic Mechanics® Potting Soil
Certified Organic
All Natural Compost and Worm Castings
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Organic Mechanics -
Premium Blend
one cu.ft. bag (26 lbs)
Organic Mechanics -
Premium Blend
8 quart bag
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