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Organic Mechanics
Container Blend Potting Soil
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Our all-purpose organic potting soil is perfect
for re-potting plants, fast growing annuals,
outdoor containers, and hanging baskets.

  • Excellent drainage properties, yet hold
    moisture well
  • Perennials, Woody Plants and Herbs
    love it!
  • Great for large containers (up to 250
    gallons) or any plant that needs well-
    drained soil
  • For best results, add a balanced,
    organic fertilizer at planting time
  • Save money and reuse it! Our
    compost-based soils do not break
    down as quickly as peat-based mixes.
    Simply fluff the mix back up, remove
    any large root balls, and replant
  • Organic Mechanics Container blend
    contains: compost, pine bark, coir,
    worm castings and rice hulls
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Organic Mechanics
Container Blend Potting Soil
16 quart bag