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Healthy Grow 5-2-3 Lawn Food is a 100% all natural,
organic fertilizer that improves soil structure and
increases the soil's water holding capacity. It feeds the
soil and adds calcium and beneficial microbes which
helps lawns grow healthier. Can be applied in spring,
summer or fall. Healthy Grow provides a slow release of
nutrients from aerobically composted chicken manure.
Adding Organic Healthy Grow Lawn Food to your lawn
regularly will help feed all the beneficial micro-organisms
that do their part to protect your lawn from stress,
insects and disease. Organic Healthy Grow Lawn Food
is a uniform, homogeneous blend with each granule
containing all of the essential nutrients and organic
matter needed to sustain healthy grass. Healthy Grow   
5-2-3 is a child, pet, earth safe product. Contains no
chemical fertilizers or bio-solids. OMRI Listed.

Application: Apply with any type of drop or rotary
spreader. Healthy Grow is a homogeneous product and
each granule contains all of the essential nutrients and
organic matter needed to produce a healthy lawn.
How: Apply to a dry, recently mowed lawn. If no rainfall
is expected for a prolonged period, improved results
may be obtained by watering in.
When: May be applied any time. Healthy Grow is an
all-season formula.
How Much: Apply at the regular rate of 12.5 lbs per
1000 sq ft or a heavy rate of 20 lbs per 1000 sq ft. The
higher rate can be most beneficial in late fall after the
lawn has been aerated. When seeding or sodding, apply
at the 12.5 lb rate under the sod or over new seed.
Storage: Product has an unlimited shelf life but MUST
be kept dry. Unused portion should be kept in original
package and sealed to prevent from getting wet.
Safety: Healthy Grow is a long lasting fertilizer up to 12
weeks which WON'T burn your lawn. as with any fertilizer
it should not be applied near water, storm drains or
drainage ditches.
Healthy Grow Organic Lawn Food
5-2-3 Lawn Fertilizer
OMRI Listed
1-800-221-7645 Ext 105
Healthy Grow Lawn Food 5-2-3
30 lbs bag
Healthy Grow Lawn Food 5-2-3
50 lbs. bag