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Compost Treet is a concentrated formulation of selected
microbials and nutrients designed to initiate and accelerate
the composting process.
Compost Treet assists natural
decomposition of organic matter and produces more
consistent, mature compost. With this product it takes less
time to compost waste from the lawn, garden or kitchen.
One ounce of Compost Treet powder, treats 5-10 cu. ft. of
raw material. (1 pound/100 cu. ft.)
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Tests were conducted using Compost Treet at the Nevaflor Co. (rose grower/exporter) in Pastocalle, Ecuador.
Compost Treet was mixed at the standard rate with the rose plant vegetative wastes in two wind rows.


1. The product "Compost Treet" showed to be effective as an acclerator in the decomposing of the residues of
the roses plants using the commercial doses recommended by the manufacturer under the trial conditions.
2. The composting was ready to be incorporated to the beds of the rose crop in only 3 weeks, instead of the
10-12 weeks that it used to take.
Compost Treet -10 lbs. bucket
Compost Treet Microbial Inoculant Compost Accelerator
Compost Treet
Compost Accelerator (Beneficial Microbes)
Compost Treet -25 lbs. bucket
Compost Treet -1 lb. jar
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