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The Plant Pro-Tec Dog and Cat Repellent devices use a special mixture of garlic oil, citronella, lemon-
grass, and cinnamon to get rid of dogs and cats from your property. The unique formula is proven to repel
unwelcome dog and cats, with its patented slow-release system. These repellents will keep four-legged
critters from making messes on your lawns, shrubs and flowers. The long-lasting and easy-to- use
delivery system sets it apart from less effective spray-on repellents that begin to wear off when they come
in contact with the air. Sprays can require reapplication every two or three weeks or more often if it rains.
The Plant Pro-Tec slow-release system will keep on working for 6 to 8 months or more, even if it rains.
Using the repellents is easy, you just break the seal to activate the unit, then clip it directly to a plant,
attach it to a nearby fence, or lay it on the ground. Each package comes with 12 Plant Pro-Tec units.
Dog and Cat Repellent Devices
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