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D-20 Household Insecticide is a dust containing Diatomaceous Earth (DE) that is spread around indoor
areas where insects live. It will get rid of ants, scorpions, roaches, silverfish, flies, crickets, fleas, bed
bugs, box elder bugs, etc. When bugs come in contact with the powder they dry up and die. Completely
safe for people and pets.

BED BUGS: Spread Perma-Guard over mattresses, furniture, etc. where bed bugs habitate. Pay special
attention to treat areas (seams, etc) where bed bugs hide. D-20 is effective to get rid of bed bug pests.

ROACHES & SILVERFISH: In most cases general application is not needed, but localized attention to
cracks and crevices, under stoves and refrigerators, and in likely hiding places. Be sure to treat around
sinks and drain pipes.

ANTS, CRICKETS, SCORPIONS AND BOX ELDER BUGS: Dust lightly areas around windows, doors and
other places where pests may enter.
Household Insecticide D-20
"As manager of Shannon Trees Mobile Home Park for the past three years, one of my biggest problems
has been insect control. Mainly for ants, cockroaches and crickets. Until I heard of
"Perma-Guard", it was
not only a losing battle, but an expensive one. We started using
Perma-Guard and applying it ourselves
eight months ago and so far the results have been excellent. Best of all we can assure our tenants that
the material we are using is SAFE for themselves, their children and pets."

Mary A. Piper, Property Manager. Tucson, AZ
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