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A safe biological bait for grasshopper control. This spreadable bait is not harmful to animals, people, plants
and other insects, but kills most species of grasshoppers by infecting them with
Nosema locustae, a
parasitic protozoa. Grasshoppers will spread the disease among themselves by eating sick hoppers and by
laying infected eggs.

Nolo is a spreadable bait made from flaky wheat bran with
Nosema locustae spores. The insect pathogen
multiplies in infected grasshoppers and will pass from grasshoper to grasshoper and can remain active for
several years.

Nolo Bait contains
Nosema locustae, a naturally occurring sinlge celled protozoan that infects all stages of
developing grasshoppers, Mormon and black field crickets. When ingested,
Nosema locustae creates a
disease that is specific to these pests.
Hand broadcasting is suitable for small areas. Apply the bait around the perimeters of gardens, lawns and
flower-beds concentrating on areas of tall grass or weedy growth. In gardens, placing the bait in ground level
bait stations out of the sun and under the plants will avoid attracting more grasshoppers into the area. Keep
the bait stations filled to encourage the grasshoppers to move off the valued plans to feed. Bait stations can
be made from anything that will protect the bait from exposure to sun and rain such as a tin can with both
ends removed lying on its side.
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Nolo Bait
Bio-insecticide for Grasshopper Control
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