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Nemastop is a new way to control nematodes that attack fruits, ornamentals, and vegetables. Nemastop is a
liquid biochemical that has been shown to disrupt the root location mechanism of plant parasitic nematodes.
By reducing the rate of infection by nematodes and secondary infections by plant parasitic fungi, damage to
plants is reduced significantly.

Get rid of these tiny "eel-worms" that live on plant roots. Soak Nemastop into the soil and nematodes will stop
feeding on your garden plants. The active ingredients are plant extracts, so you can be sure they're safe.
Nemastop won't harm beneficial nematodes. One pint treats over 1/2 acre (25,000 sq. ft.) Nemastop will not
burn plants and pathogenic nematodes won't develop resistance to Nemastop.

Make regular application at 45-60 day intervals. Nemastop is effective on root-knot, lance, lesion, and spiral
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Nemastop Natural Nematode Control
Natural Nematode Suppressant
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“I am a container gardener here in Hobe Sound, Florida and I used to have a horrendous nematode problem
in my tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and lettuce. I decided to give Nemastop a try because there just isn’t
another safe product available to home gardeners. I am happy to tell you that after one season using the
product, when I pulled up a few plants to look at the roots, there were only a few small galls and the plants all
produced very well during the season. The previous year, without Nemastop, the plant roots were just
covered with galls and the plants barely produced. I’m very happy with the Nemastop results. I had really
good luck with the product and I would recommend it to any home gardener.”

-Alex Bartha, Hobe Sound, FL

"Tests were established on a commercial vegetable farm to test the effectiveness of Nemastop. The
selected test sites had a history of severe root-knot nematode infestation.

Nemastop appeared to effectively reduce root-knot nematodes to non-detectable levels in tomato and okra.
These results indicate Nemastop is a promising product for suppressing nematode populations."

-Dr. Frank Killibrew, Extension Plant Pathologist Mississippi State Univ.


"We have over 400 large boxwoods on our property that were having serious problems. We had them tested
and found that they were being damaged by pathogenic nematodes. I was very worried because the loss of
our boxwoods would devastate our landscape. I found Nemastop online and decided to give it a try because I
wasn’t going to use the heavy chemicals that were recommended.

Nemastop worked wonderfully! I’m very pleased with the product. This year I’ve made five treatments of
Nemastop and we’ve had no die-back at all on the boxwoods. I’ve recommended it to several arborists and
research people. Nemastop is pretty amazing stuff. I’m very impressed with it."

-R.H., Port Matilda, PA
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