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Originally developed by the USDA, this natural bio-control provides grub control for Japanese
Beetles. One application lasts from 10-15 years. Japanese Beetle larvae can be controlled
without the use of chemicals.
Milky Spore is considered the most outstanding microbial
control of insects ever devised.
Milky Spore is a powder that is dusted in a checker board
pattern in 4 ft. squares throughout the lawn. 10 oz. of powder treats 2,500 sq. ft. Milky Spore is
not harmful to beneficials.

Read about Milky Spore on Garden Forum, and for a detailed article on non-toxic Microbial
click here.
Milky Spore - Powder
Kills Japanese Beetles Grubs
Customer Letters
"We applied this material ten years ago. It works well. After all, U.S.D.A. developed Milky
." - U.S.D.A. official Gene Rosera, Coventry Homes, Springfield, VA

"I have lots and lots of customers tell me how wonderful Milky Spore has worked for them." -
Darlington Nursery, Pittsburgh, PA

"Used Milky Spore in the 1970's. There were no Beetle grubs after that for ten years." -
Williams College, Williamstown, MA.
Milky Spore
10 oz. Box
Milky Spore
40 oz. Box
Milky Spore Dispenser Tube
Take the work out of
treating large
areas. Each
dispenser holds up
to 40 oz. of
Works by shaking
dispenser while
walking the area
being treated.
Dispensers are
sold empty. Spore
powder sold
Milky Spore Kills Japanese Beetles & their Grubs
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