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Garlic Gard
Insect & Animal
Milky Spore Kills Japanese Beetles & Their Grubs
Milky Spore
Kills Japanese
Beetle Grubs
Nematode Control
Plant Pro-TecDeer & Rabbit Repellent Devices
Plant Pro-Tec
Deer & Rabbit
Repellent Devices
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Perma-Guard Ant
Fire Ant Insecticide
Easy-To-Use Powder
Perma-Guard D-21
Garden and Plant
Insecticide Dust
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Garlic Gard Insect & Animal Repellent
Nemastop Natural Nematode Control
Perma-Guard Fire Ant Insecticide
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Neem Oil Insecticide
Dipel Pro DF
BT Insecticide
OMRI Listed
PyGanic 1.4 EC
Liquid Pyrethrum
Insect Control
OMRI Listed
PureSpray Green
Insecticide & Fungicide
Perma-Guard DE
Crawling Insect Control
Diatomaceous Earth
OMRI Listed
Cedarwood Oil
Insect Spray &
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