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The juice of this pungent herb produces a powerful effect to repel insects and critters. Garlic Gard can be
used to prevent invaders like aphids, thrips and flying pests (mosquitoes). Customers report that Garlic Gard
also repels deer, squirrels, rabbits and iguanas! Garlic Gard is produced by a unique process that
enhances the repelling properties of natural garlic juice. It becomes odorless to humans in a few minutes,
but pests notice it for weeks and go elsewhere! When garlic is used for mosquitoes, spray it in the early part
of the day on all the landscape plants and lawns.
Garlic Gard Lawn & Garden (L&G) dilutes 10 to 1 in water.
Garlic Gard 10X dilutes 100 to 1 in water.
Apply every 10-14 days during growing season.
Garlic Gard Lawn & Garden
Qt. Bottle
(mix 1:10 with water)
Garlic Gard-10X Concentrate
One Quart Bottle (mix 1:100 w/water)
Garlic Gard-10X Concentrate
One Gallon Jug (mix 1:100 w/water)
Garlic Gard Lawn & Garden
One Gallon
(mix 1:10 with water)
Garlic Gard Insect & Animal Repellent
Garlic Gard
Insect & Animal Repellent
"I just wanted to write and let you know how pleased we are with your Garlic product. We had a terrible
problem with large numbers of hungry mosquitoes biting our fans and players. Your distributor told us about
your product late in the season and we sprayed with it. I am pleased to report that for the remaining weeks in
the season, mosquitoes were very scarce. It was amazingly effective!!!"

Arthur O'Bright, Exec. V.P., Greenville Bluesmen Professional Baseball Club - Greenville, MS

Superintendent John Boyer used 100% garlic juice to push mosquitoes away from the golf areas toward the
water at the Marriott Seaview Resort 10 miles from Atlantic City, N.J. "It pushed them out to the reeds," says
Boyer. "It has its limitations but it got us through the time we needed."

Crittenden TurfInc. July 1996

QUESTION: Q. What could be eating my zebra plant? The leaves have big bite marks on them. I do not see
any insects on the plant. -- Mike Stolz, Pompano Beach

ANSWER: A. I suspect iguanas. Spray the plant with Garlic Gard or clip on Plant Protec, which will repel
iguanas and other chewing animals and insects.

QUESTION: Q. Squirrels seem to like my potted impatiens. What can I do to repel them from my plants? --
Ruth Conrad, Fort Lauderdale
Q. We are suffering from an iguana invasion, and they have eaten my potato
vine. Now there is nothing left but the tree ferns. I do not want to replant again. What can we use to repel the
pesky iguanas? -- Mary Wills, Fort Lauderdale

ANSWER: A. Both squirrels and iguanas can be repelled with Garlic Gard. Spray over the plants and the odor
should repel them. It will last at least a month in the open where it receives rain. Also
Plant Pro-Tec, a garlic
solution that comes in a vial and will protect plants for 6 to 8 months from various pests. Space the vials on
the plant about 3 feet apart.

From Robert Haehle's gardening Q&A on the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel's website.
Garlic Gard Insect & Animal Repellent
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