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Don’t trap ‘em, CHASE ‘em!

Our Customers LOVE CHASE
Mole & Gopher Repellent.
tenacious burrowing pests are
cast out by Chase Mole, an easy-
to-apply granular form of castor
oil.   One application of Chase
granules will get rid of moles,
gophers, voles, armadillos and
other burrowing animals from
lawns and gardens. Made from
ground-up corn cobs and castor
oil, CHASE is safe for people and
pets.  Works with all spreaders, or
apply it by hand. One pound of
Chase pellets covers 1,000 sq.
feet.  CHASE Granules are 20%
castor oil, providing 50% more
coverage than other brands.
CHASE Granular Mole, Gopher, Vole & Armadillo

Scrap the Traps & Poison!  Pet Safe...100%!

Free Your Yard of Burrowing Pests in Days!

Featured on HG-TV’s Paul James Show

“All I can say is WOW! I could actually see the gophers
make their way off the fields."
-R.R., V.P. Fremont National Youth Baseball, Fremont, CA
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“Amazingly, the mole activity stopped overnight."
- B.B, Oviedo, FL
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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How long does the product last once it is applied?  In general, the Chase
Mole & Gopher repellent granules remain effective for 2-3 months after
application. Under normal conditions, Chase Mole granules will go to work
right after you apply them and within a few days your yard will be free of these
nuisance critters for several months. The things that can reduce the
effectiveness of the product are sandy soils and excessive rain or irrigation.
These things can cause the product to be washed out of the soil and /or
become too diluted to remain effective. If there is excessive rain after applying,
simply re-apply and begin the process again.
2. What is the product made of? Chase Mole granules are made of ground-up
corn cobs (80%) and castor oil (20%). The product also contains a small
amount of surfactant (soap) to help the castor oil mix with water and penetrate
into the ground. The castor oil pellets are very small and spread over a large
area (one pound/1000 sq. ft.). Once applied they need to become wet (rainfall
or irrigation) to work their magic. This wetting process releases the castor oil
down into the ground where the critters live and feed. It also dilutes the castor
oil so it is not a threat.
3. Is Chase Mole safe for people, pets, wildlife and birds? Our experience over
more than 15 years has not shown any instances where people, pets or other
animals were put in harms way by the product. Just keep the pets out of the
area during application and until after the granules are wet and all should be
fine. Even if an animal were to eat the pellets, the worst that would happen
would be some temporary stomach distress.
4. How does Chase Mole & Gopher repellent work? The ingredients simply
smell, taste, and feel bad to burrowing critters, which repels them from the
area. Chase Mole repellent granules do not kill moles, gophers, or armadillos.
They simply create conditions in the soil that the critters don’t like and they
vacate the area.
5. Has any research been done on the product? Yes, tests were conducted by
University of Kentucky personnel in 2005 on three areas that had a history of
serious mole infestations. Over the 12 week test period, after application of the
product, a 95.3% rate of success was documented (meaning no new mole
hills noted in the treated areas). The report concludes, “The significant
lessening of mole activity observed in each of the treated plots versus all of the
control plots indicates that both the granular and liquid Chase Mole repellents
had a positive effect in reducing mole activity.”
6. Can Chase Mole damage my lawn or garden plants? No. The product has
been used in 1000’s of applications and has never done any harm to lawns or
other plantings. In fact, there is some evidence that the inert corn cobs  
granules (used as a carrier for the castor oil) can help to suppress certain lawn
7. Does the product kill or discourage earthworms or other beneficial
Chase Mole granules do not kill or discourage earthworms or other
8. Can Chase Mole Granules be used to get rid of moles and/or gophers in a
vegetable garden?
The only caution for this situation is not to use the product
where you are growing root crops like potatoes, radishes, beets, etc. Where
you have garden crops that grow above ground like tomatoes, peppers, beans,
etc. there will be no problem. As a rule, just wash all your garden produce with
a natural soap before consuming it.
9. What is the shelf-life of the product? The castor oil granules can be stored
in a cool, dry location for several years. They will remain effective as long as
they aren’t frozen of stored in super-hot conditions. Keep them in a tightly
sealed plastic bag or container.
10.  Will Chase Mole and Gopher Repellent work on other burrowing pests?
User experiences indicate that the granular version of Chase Mole will reduce
the infestation of various burrowing animals. Many customers report success
driving away armadillos with the product. Chase granules have also been used
to rid lawn areas of voles. The only difference with applications for repelling
voles would be to spread the product over the lawn area but not water it into the
soil. Voles are mostly surface- dwellers so leaving the pellets on the surface
seems to work best for these pests. Some university research also backs that
experience, with recorded observations that rabbits, squirrels, woodchucks and
other pests also avoided the areas treated for vole infestation.
11. Are some times of the year worse for mole infestation? Yes. The most
active period for mole burrowing near the surface of your lawn is the early
spring and mid to late fall. During the dryer, hot summer months, moles go
deeper (as do the worms and grubs that they feed on) and therefore are they
are less noticeable.
12. What do moles eat? First they are big eaters. An eastern mole can
consume its own weight in insects every day! Among other insects, the mole
eats the common grub that lives a few inches below the surface of our
beautifully trimmed lawn, but they primarily rely on earthworms for the majority
of their diet. Tested lawns that were regularly treated with grub insecticide have
shown a somewhat lowered rate of mole infestation, but they were not mole
free ... and it only takes one adult mole to create havoc.
13. Do moles reuse the same tunnels? Yes and no. They rarely reuse a tunnel
that they're using to forage for some time. On the other hand, they will reuse the
tunnel in which they live and breed daily. The best way to find the active tunnel
is to flatten all visible tunnels. If one is a nesting or active tunnel, within a day
(or two) the ridges will reappear. If it is a feeding tunnel, it will remain flattened
for several (or more) days.
14. How about gophers? To begin, we often confuse moles and gophers
because they each can build cone like mounds in lawns. Gophers (they aren't
normally found east of the Mississippi River) don't dig the tunnels that we
normally associate with moles. In truth the two species are no more closely
related than dogs and cats. Being a rodent, the gopher is related to squirrels
and mice and like them has fairly large incisor teeth suited for gnawing the
plants on which they feed. The mole is almost purely an insectivore (insect
eater) with very limited interest in plants. The gopher is an omnivore but mostly
prefers eating plants.
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“Your Chase Mole granular is phenomenal. Since I tried it and saw the results
I have been raving about it to others. I want you to know that I had tried another
product that I got at my local garden center (it sounded the same as Chase
Mole) but my moles just laughed at it. I don’t know what the trick is with Chase
Mole but you’ve got a great product!"

Jeff Seifert
Westford MA


"Dear American Natural Products. I am the Vice President of Fremont National
Youth Baseball (FNYB) here in the San Francisco Bay Area. When I took over
this job last year the first issue I needed to deal with was the mounds of dirt
that gophers were creating in the outfields of our 3 primary fields. These are
unsafe for the kids and not very appealing to the parents. I tried some of the
products from the local hardware stores and they did not work. I bought some
traps that required some digging and delicate handling. Again, they did not
work, and this could have been due to the lack of experience and time

Then when I was doing some more research on the internet I came across
CHASE Gopher Repellent Granules and liked what I read. I liked the idea of
loading it into a spreader and walking around the fields. It sounded easy and
efficient to me. I decided to purchase a 32lb box and give it a try last August on
our 3 primary fields. We have dirt infields so I only applied CHASE on the

All I can say is WOW! I could actually see the gophers make their way off the
fields. I applied a second application  of Chase at the end of November and
our fields are getting compliments now on how good they look. I am going to
continue to spread some every few months to make sure our problem stays

Rudy Reyna
Fremont, CA


"We've been very pleased with Chase Granular Mole Repellant", says Don
Leland, General Manager of Cascade Pest Control in Redmond, Washington.
"With our history of environmental consciousness, it was important for us to
find a mole treatment that didn't consist of saturating the ground with
chemicals. After careful evaluation of other options, we selected Chase. This
product has proven to be very effective at driving moles off our clients'
properties, with virtually zero negative impact to the soil and greater
environment. Our clients are pleased with the results, and the pricing is such
that we can deliver great results at affordable prices."

Don Leland, G.M.
Cascade Pest Control
Redmond, WA


"We were amazed! We were having serious problems with moles when our
neighbor suggested castor oil granules. We looked on the Internet and found
American Natural Products made it, so we ordered it and put it out! This
product worked practically overnight! Where we had been having about 10
mole hills a day, we had one! We have had two more, but each time, I would
flatten it and sprinkle more of the granules on top. I am so satisfied, I am
going to order another 32 pounds in the next month!! I have even
recommended it to my neighbors and friends who are having to deal with
moles. I highly recommend this to anyone who has moles wreaking havoc in
their yard!"

John F. Bruce
Manchester, TN


CHASE Mole and Gopher Repellent product was mentioned on a
national program, "The Garden Rebel", hosted by a nurseryman named David
Vincent Sims. I had lost most of one side of my yard to mole damage, and all
attempts to dissuade the armadillo from digging huge holes around my
screened pool enclosure had been fruitless. I purchased several bags of the
CHASE Mole and Gopher Repellent. Amazingly, the mole activity
stopped overnight. I have had no armadillo activity around my pool enclosure
since using your product. I used part of a bag to treat two of my neighbor's
lawns, and the results were the same-a cessation of mole activity. Believe me,
there is a huge mole/armadillo problem in this area, and your product is
effective in curtailing their destructive activity."

Betty Binford
Oviedo, FL


"This stuff seems to actually's amazing. The gophers stay away but, if I
don't keep after it with another application they can start to come back in. Then,
when I apply the Chase granules again the gophers just stop. It's a great

Doug Jackson
Washington, UT
CHASE Mole Granule
6 lb. bag (covers 6,000 sq. ft.)
CHASE Mole Granule
32 lb. box (covers 32,000 sq. ft.)
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