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Cedarwood Oil Concentrate is an essential oil from cedar trees. Natural Cedarwood Oil is effective
at both killing and repelling insects (cedar trees produce the oil to protect themselves from bugs
and other pests). Cedar oil is even safe enough that the FDA has approved it as a food
preservative, used to kill bacteria and fungus in foods.

Cedar Oil comes from nature and is safe for people, pets, wildlife and birds, when used as
directed. It's even safe for beneficial insects like ladybugs, butterflies, and praying mantis.
Cedarwood Oil
Natural Insect Control and Repellent
Spray Cedarwood Oil to rid your landscape of many insects such as ants, gnats, ticks, fleas,
chiggers, and mosquitoes. Apply the diluted mixture in the morning or evening for best results.
Repeat after rainfall or every few weeks. Stronger mixtures give better results.

To control lawn pests like grubs, web worms, or chinch bugs, apply the diluted product as a soil
drench and then water in. Cedarwood Oil kills lawn pests fast and also prevents lawn diseases.
Spray cedar oil to keep insects at bay and to keep your lawn healthy.
Cedarwood Oil-Concentrate
1 Quart
Cedarwood Oil-Concentrate
1 Gallon
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Customer Letter
"After developing Lyme disease last summer from a tick bite, and being an avid gardener, I did
research on the insecticide Permethrin, and found it to be somewhat to controversial for my natural
way of life. I had read good reviews about the effectiveness of pure cedarwood oil, so I decided to
try it. I've followed the directions on the bottle and have sprayed under the shrubbery, stone walls,
lawns, the perimeter of the yard and have even diluted and used it on our clothing, shoes, etc.
avoiding contact with skin. When cleaning up flower beds, I pre-spray the area as well. It smells
great and so far so good. Thank you America Natural for offering the pure product.

Mrs. R. Hagerman, Pennsylvania