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Broad Spectrum Antifungal Compound
Gardeners everywhere can rejoice! Our new product knocks out some of their toughest enemies. Spray on
plants at the first sign of damage to stop the spread of fungus, mildews and fruit rots.
Our concentrate formula is OMRI Listed and must be diluted 200:1.
Our Lawn & Garden formula is specially sized for homeowners and must be diluted 50:1.
Fungastop can be applied up to the day of harvest.
Fungastop Natural Fungal Disease Control
Fungastop Lawn & Garden (L&G)
Dilutes 50:1 with water for spraying.
Fungastop Concentrate, OMRI Listed,
dilutes 200:1
Fungastop Lawn & Garden
One Quart
Fungastop Lawn & Garden
One Gallon
Fungastop Concentrate
One Gallon
Fungastop Concentrate
2.5 Gallons
                   Fungastop Research
"In the tests we performed with Fungastop, coffee plants were affected by “Ojo de gallo” disease caused
by the fungus Mycena citricolor. This is a very aggressive fungus that, in just a matter of days, would
normally completely defoliate the plant causing the fruits to fall off. Also, it would disseminate very
quickly, causing considerable loss in the coffee plantation.

Our tests of infected coffee plants shows the effect of Fungastop treatment where, even 45 days after
treatment, the advance of the disease is totally controlled. Specifically, the typical circular stains on the
leaves, caused by this fungus, did not increase and there was no defoliation or disease dissemination
to the surrounding plants."

Eng. José Rafael Elizondo
Café Orgánico Montes de Cristo
Costa Rica
Septiembre / 2000
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