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Is there a soil wetting agent that can be applied in hot conditions?
For the past 20 years we have offered our Oasys Ultra wetting agent in the golf and turf markets. Oasys Ultra is formulated to increase percolati Continue..

Will Phydura help eradicate/control wild parsnip?
Phydura is a non-selective burndown herbicide made from all-natural ingredients. Weeds that are in an early stage of development are especially s Continue..

Can your mole repellent be put down in winter? I'm in NJ and in late fall I noticed some tunnels. Now in Jan. there are so many tunnels, there is not much space between them. We've had a deep freeze but wondering what to do as we thaw.
The Chase Mole repellent can be used anytime that the ground is not frozen. As you've observed, moles can be active in the winter, even under a Continue..

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