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I wonder if Phydura would kill the invasive Wintercreeper here in Missouri?
As far a Phydura controlling this invasive species, the chances are quite slim. With any of these aggressive weed species, herbicides are mostly Continue..

There are patches of weeds and dirt throughout my yard and the grass is really struggling. I want to just start over with my lawn, but I don't want to use conventional herbicides. What can I do?
Phydura is great for this type of situation. Choose a sunny day in fall or spring to spray. Phydura will kill both grass and weeds, but will not Continue..

I want to use Chase Mole in my yard, but I have pets and I've heard castor beans are toxic. Are the castor oil granules safe for my dog and cat?
There is a toxin in castor BEANS, but not in castor OIL. Of course, you wouldn't want your pets to eat or drink significant amounts of Chase Mol Continue..

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