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Natural Pest Control Guide

Summer is wonderful, but sometimes it seems like every pest in the world is lunching in your garden. Not to worry–American Natural has got your back. Next time you discover that your backyard has become Nature’s Dining Commons, consult this handy Natural Pest Control Guide to see how American Natural can help.

fallow deer calf ( Dama ) portrait while looking at camera

Deer can be a challenging garden pest to control.


Controls: Fencing (must be 8 feet tall or use two shorter fences), Aromatic Deterrents

Products: Garlic Gard, Plant Pro-Tec Garlic


Controls: Fencing + Underground Barriers

Products:  Garlic GardPlant Pro-Tec Garlic 

Moles, Gophers, Armadillos

Controls: Underground Barriers, Castor Oil Products

Products: Chase LiquidChase Granular 


Controls: Zappers, Traps, Aromatic Deterrents, Insecticides

Products: NimBio Sys, Milky Spore, PyGanic, Dipel Pro DF, Nemastop, Perma-Guard D20, Perma-Guard D-21, Perma-Guard DE, PureSpray Green, Cedarwood Oil

Mold, Mildew, Fungus, Pond Scum 

Controls: Increase airflow, avoid watering in the evening, microbial inoculants, anti-fungal products

Products: PureSpray Green, Fungastop, Pond Kleen, Green Clean Granules, Green Clean Tablets


Controls: Hand weeding, suppressants, sprays 

Products: Dynaweed, Phydura

As you can see, American Natural has got a wealth of products to help you protect your garden from hungry critters. Just click on any of the links above to learn more.

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