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Getting Rid of Moles Naturally

One of the questions we hear a lot at Americanatural.com is, “How can I get rid of moles in my yard?” Moles can be annoying pests and cause a lot of damage to lawns and gardens. Their tunnels destroy the appearance of lawns and make it hazardous to walk.

There are 5 main ways to get rid of moles in the ground: Trap them, poison them, starve them, hunt them, or repel them. Read on to learn why we think repelling is the best way to eliminate moles and other digging pests (such as gophers, voles and armadillos) from your yard. Or click over to our product page to read about Chase Mole and Gopher Repellent.


Trapping Moles

Trapping can be very effective, but they must be checked regularly and moles relocated (in the case of live traps) or disposed of (in the case of kill traps). Additionally, you will need to make sure that children and pets are not harmed by the traps.

Poisoning Moles

Poisoning also works, but again, you will need to make sure children and pets don’t encounter the poison. Also, you may be left with dead moles on your property which will need to be disposed of. If another animal eats enough of the poisoned pests, they can get what is called “secondary poisoning.”

Starving Moles

Starving does not work as well as trapping and poisoning because moles eat a variety of underground insects. They are known for eating white lawn grubs, which you can kill with Bt. However, they also eat earthworms, and most gardeners value their earthworms and don’t want to kill them.

Animals That Hunt Moles

Killing is perhaps best hired out to a friendly dog or a wild owl. But if you are bothered by moles digging up your yard, a digging dog is hardly an improvement! Barn owls will happily hunt moles and other rodents, at the rate of 10 per night. That sounds like a great thing, and it is. However, you will need someplace for the owls to nest and enough wild areas to provide habitat for lots of rodents because unless you keep supplying “your” owls with dinner, they will move on.

Repelling Moles

Repelling moles, voles, gophers and armadillos is surprisingly easy, it won’t harm your yard or your pets, and yes, it really does work! You may have heard that castor oil can repel moles naturally and it’s true, it can. But of course you don’t want to just pour oil on your garden. You need a way to easily and evenly apply the castor oil.

Our liquid and granule Chase Mole & Gopher Repellent make it easy to use the power of castor oil to get rid of moles and voles and other unwelcome diggers. Chase granules have 20% castor oil in them, providing 50% more coverage than other products. You can use a spreader or simply distribute them by hand.

If you prefer to use a spray, we’ve got that too. And unlike cheap imitations, Chase Mole & Gopher Repellents contain a surfactant to allow for effective distribution. Don’t bother with any castor oil formula that doesn’t have a surfactant; it just won’t work.

You can read customer testimonials and lots of Q&A here.

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