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How to Get Rid of Wild Parsnip

Every summer our customers ask us, how can I get rid of wild parsnip (or poison oak or poison ivy or other itchy weeds) without using glyphosate?

If you want to get rid of itchy weeds without using chemicals, our OMRI listed Phydura may be the solution for you. This natural weed-killer contains clove oil and other natural ingredients to destroy weed foliage while you watch. Within hours you will see the leaves of sprayed plants shriveling and dying.

And yet, Phydura is so pure it can be used in organic agriculture. And unlike other products, Phydura will not linger in the root system of plants. That means it will be safer for children, pets, and the environment. But it also means that repeat applications will certainly be necessary if you are dealing with perennial weeds such as poison oak, poison ivy, poison sumac, or wild parsnip. These plants have extensive roots that will not be directly affected by a burn down herbicide such as Phydura.

Poison Parsnip in bloom

Leaves of three, let it be!

If you  want more detailed directions for getting rid of weeds, hop on over to our longer blog post on how to get rid of poison parsnip without using chemical herbicides. But if you already know you need a safer alternative for weeds around your home, park or school, check out our OMRI listed Phydura weed killer today!

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