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Dynaweed: Natural “Weed and Feed”

Have you ever wished there were an easy, non-toxic way to make your lawn look better? Well, if so, have a look at Soil Tech’s Dynaweed.

  • Dynaweed controls weeds and fertilizes established plants at the same time.
  • Dynaweed can be used in a spreader or applied by hand.
  • Dynaweed is safe to use around children, pets and even prized perennials

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. Dynaweed is made from corn gluten meal. Corn gluten meal acts as a pre-emergent herbicide. That means you put it on before weeds start to grow. It works by killing the feeder roots of sprouting seeds, so you need to apply it early in the spring, about the time forsythia and daffodils begin to bloom. 

When Forsythia bloom, it is time to apply Dynaweed!

Dynaweed won’t harm established plants or people or animals, so that makes it really easy to work with. And it contains roughly 10% nitrogen, so it feeds your plants while you are preventing weed growth!

Who Uses Dynaweed?

Grounds managers at parks and schools often look for non-chemical alternatives and they have had success with corn gluten meal. Harley Carter, athletic director at a private school in Fairfield, Iowa learned about corn gluten meal from Soil Technologies, Inc. He was looking for help with his unirrigated soccer field. It had initially been seeded in a mix of bluegrass and rye. But, “the grass hadn’t grown in well and the field was in dire need of weed control,” he said.

He decided to give Dynaweed a try. Dynaweed can be applied in both the spring and fall. But the playing schedule was so busy that Carter was only able to apply it in the spring. Never-the-less, after 4 years of use Carter said, “It takes time, but there’s no doubt that it works. Our soccer field looks as good as anybody’s in the league.” 

With spring in the air, order Dynaweed now and be ready for a better looking lawn. Naturally!

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