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Monthly Archives: May 2014

How to Control Disease in Plants — Naturally

Controlling disease in plants requires a two-pronged approach. First, make the plants strong so they resist disease using their own natural defenses. Second, if disease does set in, diagnose the disease accurately and then take appropriate remediation measures. At American Continue Reading….

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Controlling Post-Emergent Weeds

Post-emergent weed control refers to practices to manage weeds once they have sprouted and are growing. Weeds take over naked soil very easily, so they are an annual problem in vegetable gardens, in poorly established lawns and along walkways, driveways Continue Reading….

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How Does Microp Improve Garden Plants and Lawns?

Microp is soil superfood. It is a bio-fertilizer that enhances soil fertility, improves soil aeration and aggregation, and enhances soil’s ability to retain moisture. Like a magic sprinkle from a fairytale, plants grow bigger, greener and meaner with Microp. Microp Continue Reading….

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