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Monthly Archives: April 2014

How to Prepare Your Seedbed Soil for Planting

Seedbed preparation is essential for creating a healthy bond between the new seed and the soil in which it will germinate and grow. There are several steps to successful seedbed preparation: Removal of any debris in the soil, including large Continue Reading….

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How to Reduce Transplant Stress

Transplant stress or transplant shock is a typical plant response to a change in environment. Plants are living beings, and like any living being, they are acclimatized to the habitat where they initially take root. When this habitat is changed, Continue Reading….

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How to Make Compost Break Down Quickly

Composting is a great way to enhance your soil with “black gold”–nutrient-rich finished compost that makes it easy to grow great plants. Made from food scraps, dead leaves, wood chips, and the like, compost reduces waste and enhances soil without Continue Reading….

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